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Home TOP NEWS Katsina Emirate Council Suspended District Heads In DANJA and BATSARI Local Governments

Katsina Emirate Council Suspended District Heads In DANJA and BATSARI Local Governments



Katsina State emirate Council has suspended the Sarkin Fulanin DANJA, the village Head of Danja community.

A statement signed by the assistant of the emirate secretary stated that the suspension followed an investigation being conducted on the village head. Though the statement didn’t indicated the offence of the traditional ruler, it however stated that the suspension was effective since last week.


In another development, the council has also announced through a statement by the council’s secretary -Alh Mamman Ifo the suspension of Magaji Manawa of Wagini District in BATSARI local government.

According to the statement, the suspension took effect from the 12th of this months. It was however silent on the offence of the district head also.


  1. I honestly appreciate the fact that some people have deemed it appropriate and timely to have a Katsina-based content website that will share with the world developments and news -worthy issues relating to Katsinawa as a people. It is by all means heart-warming and inspiring. However, I am also a staunch advocate of that popular cliché that says ‘whatever is worth doing, is worth doing well’. It is based on this that I want to offer a sincere advice to the founders of this pace-setting outlet. I think you need to improve upon your use of English Language. Your reports are most of the times flawed with a number of grammatical errors, especially in subject-verb agreement, the use of tenses and the appropriate use of adjectival modifiers. I would like to humbly cite a single example with the current article. The second sentence in the second paragraph reads ‘Though the statement didn’t indicated the …’ I believe the use of the verb ‘indicate’ in the past tense is ungrammatical when you have the modal verb ‘didn’t’ performing the same function. I think it is crucial for your editorial staffs to be more thorough in their grammatical scrutiny of article before they are published. This will certainly save your media outlet the embarrassment of publishing articles flawed with grammatical inaccuracies.
    Thank you.

  2. Your outlet is a most welcome development in Katsina state. Bearing in mind the nature of us Katsinawas, I urge you to be fearless and unbiased, (remember we are watching you with keen interest).
    In the same vain, I think it is wrong of you to say a District has been suspended in Batsari while it was actually a Village head.
    Keep it up and remember, we are WATCHING!

  3. INNALHAMDALILLAH NASTA’INUHU WANASTAGFIRIHU A’UZU BILLAHI MIN SHURURI ANFUSINA WAMIN SAYYI’ATI A’AMALUNA WASSALATU WASSAMU ALA MUHAMMADUN RASULULLAHI KHATIMUN NABI’INA WA’IMAMUL MURSALINA AMMA BA’AD. Mun gude ma Allah da Ya maida ni bisa Kujerata, haka nan kuma ina Kara Mika babbar godiya ga Mai Martaba, Sarkin Katsina, da ‘Yan Majalisar shi da Sarkin Kudu Katsina Hakimin Danja, da kuma Dukkan wadanda suka taimaka akan wannan al’ amari. Allah (SWT) Ya saka ma kowa da Alherin shi mafi girma, Allah ya bar zumunci, Allah Ya Kara tsaremu baki daya, amin.


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