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Home TOP NEWS INVESTIGATIVE REPORT: How Fuel Scarcity Affects Many Businesses And Grounded Some In Katsina 
INVESTIGATIVE REPORT: How Fuel Scarcity Affects Many Businesses And Grounded Some In Katsina 

INVESTIGATIVE REPORT: How Fuel Scarcity Affects Many Businesses And Grounded Some In Katsina 



The prices of Many business activities in Katsina Metropolis has sky rocketedly went up while some others has been grounded as the result of the current fuel scarcity.


Businesses such as handset charging, electrical grinding machines and transportation has been hit badly in this current economic turmoil.


The prices of transport has madly sky rocketed up as a 4litres gallon previously being sold between N400-N500 at is now between N1,500-N1,600 representing over 150% increase.


This has consequently resulted to high transport fares for motorist and other road users across the state.

For instance, Katsina to Dutsin-ma was N200 before but now some commercial motorists charges as high as N500 or even more.

Katsina to Funtua that was between N400-N600 has also went up to N1000. Same thing to Katsina to Kano and Katsina to Daura.

The prices increase has equally affected the prices of commercial motorcycles popularly known as ‘express’ and tricycles popularly known ‘Kurkura’ where their prices fares has gone up with between 50% to 100%.


What compounded the problem even more is the non availability of the fuel product at the filling stations across the state while the few that have it either decided not to dispense it at all or sell it to black marketers at night at higher prices.


In the whole of Katsinaa state also, it is only two (2) filling stations that are dispensing at the official regulated prices of N86.5 which are the NNPC mega stations along Katsina-Kano express way and A. A. Rano along the popular WTC roundabout in Lay-out residential area where residents spends days in queues before getting the fuel.


The DPR staff also are doing very little or nothing to enforce the necessary regulation on the filling stations as many of them were caught up at the centre of the scam where they usually collect bribe from the filling station owners.


The Katsina State Government however met with the Independent petroleum marketers Association of Nigeria (IPMAN) katsina state branch on monday last week where they planned to check the current fuel scarcity in the state. The Permanent Secretary, Office of the SSG -Alhaji Rabi’u Audu Ruma stated this shortly after a meeting with the Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria (IPMAN), Katsina State Branch and other stakeholders in petroleum supply.


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