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Home Opinion OPINION: Masari Wolves Of Social Media by Jamilu Mabai
OPINION: Masari Wolves Of Social Media by Jamilu Mabai

OPINION: Masari Wolves Of Social Media by Jamilu Mabai

The above headline, the comments that will follow and the premeditated attack by wolf of social media will certainly be unavoidable.
In this piece, I write based on past engagement and encounter I had on social media. The outcome has unraveled people deep opinion on governance in Katsina.  On how conversations on certain issues of plain truth and the subject of discussion were diverted to suit personal destructive interest due to allegiance to people with power.
TRUTH the most hated word in the hearts of desperate wolfs on social media trying so hard to get recognition in exchange for integrity, they attack any intimidation that threatened to uncover their gaffes in propagating stupidity.
The relentless re-framing of the truth into something else causes our society not to ask the right question; the moment you ask too much question they begin to judge you ignorantly; to them is part of the sacrifice to gaining cheap recognition in achieving their Big Dreams. The effects of failing to address the issues of truth will prevent us from understanding our options and from making smart choices. As soon as we say the truth is relative, shift-able and reduce it to a matter of opinion, we will lose the power that comes from knowing.
It is an undeniable fact that workers spent 30 days in Katsina State without salary, and undisputed, the same government workers have every right to complain when part of the bargain is not fulfilled on time. In the contrary, The Wolfs of social media believes for you to claim what belongs to you is being naive and termed as enemy of the Masari government. The worst among the wolfs are those whom try to justify the current predicament with the past government mismanagement of the PDP administration.

Comments like this “Ba koda hakuri, ai ba tun yau ake shan wuya ba. Ba ku gani Kasar ba kudi saboda faduwan Farashin Man fetur” is their constant weapon in protecting and shielding their point when you engage them in a dilemma.

Just because a wolf wants to get recognition and influence by denying the truth is not sufficient reason to follow him down the path. The same goes for our leaders, we are not going to be quite while people suffer, we are going to rise above every misguided wolf on social media and hold our leaders accountable for every decision they fail to make.
The irony runs deep claiming that they care about the masses, they claimed to welcome criticism but have re-introduced the same tactics of attacking whoever dear to ask questions deemed threatening.
In a culture where people desperately seeking power and influence have decided that they can make profit by making TRUTH relative. Obviously we are in danger of everyday becoming the first of April.
They always play April fool when it come to matter of truth, and give flimsy excuses like “give them more time” “Naive”. How much time after spending a year now do they need before workers earned salary on time? How  much time do need before our schools begin to receive running cost to manage schools effectively, and how much time do they need after spending over a year now in office before Masari begin to implement the new designed system of Almajiri mode of learning as he promised?
They believe holding our leaders accountable is opposition or hatred, they are quick to celebrate at an early stage but fail to embrace a bit of positive criticism. They believe no matter how much we as a people suffer, we should not complain or criticize their OWN ONLY government.
Majority of Masari wolfs of warriors in social media community are the same wolfs that danced with impunity during the last PDP administration, after losing out they are now desperate to fit in to the new system by all means & by all cost.
We shall uncover their hidden motives, gaffes while displaying their stupidity on social media not as April fools but as people who believe in the truth and believe that Gravity is not just a good idea, IT IS THE LAW.
Written by
Jamilu Mabai


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