To put it straight, most appointments

are given as slots to godfathers, party

leaders and friends. This is not only in

Katsina. Its all over our land. Even

though in rare cases those nominated,

perform wonderfully.

But to be realistic that shouldn’t be so.

Yes, as a politician you want to pleases

different segments of the society and

create a firm political structure nd base.

You also want to satisfy those that

sponsor or contributed to ur election.

However, a leader in this 21st century

should look beyond that. He can match

the 2, appoint who u want, achieve

performance nd still be in hold of ur

political structure. Tinubu is a case

study here.

I was reading a book titled “MY VISION”

By leader of Dubai Muhammad

Almakhtoum last night. And I came

across one of his many innovations,

what he called ‘SECRET SHOPPERS’.

Secret shoppers as I read more abt

them are Trusted people that will be

’employed’ by a leader mostly secret

friends that will go down the ladder,

ministries, restaurants, social media,

Institutions to get exceptional people to

be appointed to head a govt place or be

part of a team.

Imagine picking a long Time junior Staff

of water board, who knows the history of

Ajiwa dam, who worked with those

white men that constructed the Dam

and the treatment plant. Who also

knows all our pipes route. Who sees our

water supply challenges of ’70s, 80s,

90s, ’00s and saw how various past

govts attempt to tackle those problems.

What if that man is appointed SA water

supply or something similar.etc

Gov. Masari should imbibe great

leaders in developing Katsina. We can

be a rural state for now, with no Weekly

Airplane landing schedule. But he can

change our fortune when he open the

horizons. Let him appoint people who

can walk into his office and tell him what

they feel should be done how and its

implications. Our past leaders may ve

their shortcomings, but I believe they

laid strategic foundation in some


And for GABM to achieve that, he need a

strong patriotic team wit foresight. He

need to turn away from sycophants.

Because, they will only lead him to d

ditch. Most of them ve done it before,

and they will do it again.

GABM should know that he will not

share his grave with those sycophants

and ‘bigmen’. He should do what is

good for the people, and what will send

him To Aljannat.

For now i wish him all d best, I pray for

his success. As we start d countdown

to d end of his Honeymoon.

Allah raya jihar kt.

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  1. l must give my acknowledgement to the pionners of this great online paper. Now Katsina people who need to voice out their views politically, economically or otherwise do have a chance to do so. I am glad to witness this development, its surely a milestone towards actualizing our dreams. May God see you through.

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