Interview: Governor Masari Acknoledged Chinese Construction Firms Help In Development of Nigeria’s NW States




Chinese firms operating in Nigeria’s northwestern state of Katsina have been helpful and dominant in the development of various sectors of the economy, governor of the province, Aminu Bello Masari told Xinhua in a recent interview.


From the agricultural sector to education, science and

technology, health, infrastructural development and

many others, Chinese firms have keyed into the state

government’s aim of restoring human values, the

governor said.


“We are interacting with a lot of Chinese companies and

we believe that our cooperation will be mutually

beneficial,” he said.

Targeting at least four areas which include education,

health, agriculture and water Supply, Katsina, the home-

state of President Muhammadu Buhari, had embarked on

a mission to restore human values since Masari took

office as governor of the state almost a year ago.

According to Masari, Chinese companies have continued

to be major players in ongoing projects in the state

despite various challenges, such as security challenge

and poor infrastructure in the state.


In spite of the security challenges in the northern part

of Nigeria, many Chinese citizens still do business in

Katsina State and have built strong relationships with

the locals who have in turn become more friendly to and

protective of their “guests”, the governor said.


“All the roads, with the exception of one or two, were

built by Chinese companies. They have become dominant

in the business of roads, dams and borehole constructions. They are also coming in through the areas

of education,” the state governor said.


“I think the Chinese companies will do well here because

they live among the people,” he said.

To attract more investors to the state created in 1987,

the governor said his administration has ensured that the

province provides a hospitable and habitable environment

for foreigners who are interested in contributing to its

developmental goals.

“For those that are investing in the production sector,

we have made lands available for free. We provide tax

relief within the powers of the state government and

provide infrastructure, as well as security. That is what

we promise any investor that is coming to invest here,”

he said.


(Culled From Xinhuanet)

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