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Home Opinion EDITORIAL: How Safe Are Our Markets?
EDITORIAL: How Safe Are Our Markets?

EDITORIAL: How Safe Are Our Markets?


EDITORIAL: How Safe Are Our Markets?



Recently, there have been occurrence of fire outbreaks in some major markets around Katsina -this is suppose to awaken us and our government in order to prevent similar occurrence in Katsina.


KATSINA POST in this editorial intends to awaken the Katsina State government and the general public on it. We believe prevention is better than cure.


1. First and foremost, our marketers should fear Allah in all their dealings and be giving out Zakkat as at when due. We believe failure in giving out Zakkat can attract the wrath of Allah SWT and the consequences of that cam manifest in fire incidence.

2. As emergency action, the government should look train, equip and empower the State Fire Service Offices across the state so as to be at alert and have the capacity to (in case of any misfortune) quench fire in its early stage.

3. Government and Religious leaders should intensify efforts in educating and enlightening the public on ways to prevent such unfortunate incidence.

4. In the long run, the government should:

(A) enforce strict measures in ensuring our marketers and shop owners in various markets comply with the market’s master plan.

(B) ensure proper road/routes networks within the market.

(C) consider relocating of congested markets within the state metropolis to a more aerated and ventilated area.



Finally, we want to sympathize with all the victims of these fire incidence. We pray May Allah give them the fortitude to bear the lost and may He prevent further occurrence.



[NOTE: This is an Exclusive Editorial From KATSINA POST; give the necessary credit while quoting]



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